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The Agreement Between NHS-England And Private Hospitals

One of the legal partners of MVCG, the consultancy firm, recently settled the largest documented contract within the health sector. Mehdi Erfan, the Iranian-British lawyer, moderated and outlined the particular arrangement.  The negotiation stands between NHS England and private hospitals and is solely in response to COVID-19. Their collective purpose is to take the immediate necessary action. It is to ensure sufficient hospital provision during the current pandemic crisis. The decision ...

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Immigration Guideline: The Easiest Countries to Immigrate to

Are you looking to immigrate but not sure how to do it? Considering your qualifications, do you know the easiest countries to immigrate to?  Needless to say, moving abroad can be considered an opportunity to leave your past behind and start a new life. Yet, the critical question here is: How to make it happen? If you are in a situation where you do not know where to migrate to ...

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The Right To Be Forgotten – Privacy Issues In Cyberspace

Today, Artificial Intelligence has transformed digital voice assistants into real-time observers and collectors of information that is discussed in homes and offices. They are capable of pulling data from smart devices and cloud services and also make proper sense of it. Information in cyberspace goes through exploitation on a large scale, widening the scope for legal challenges and breach of certain policies. If you are concerned about the role of ...

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