Foreign Jurisdiction: Need a lawyer, help!

Foreign Jurisdiction: Need a lawyer, help!

Foreign Jurisdiction: Need a lawyer, help!

Foreign Jurisdiction


What should be done when in need of a lawyer abroad?

You’ve probably encountered this question as an individual abroad looking for an inheritance lawyer in your hometown or as an attorney with a trusted clientele seeking legal aid in a foreign jurisdiction. You are often left with costly, non-transparent, and difficult solutions; so, what can be done in times like this?


Working with a lawyer abroad

The initial thing that crosses one’s mind is to contact an international law firm. However, what isn’t told is the high costs associated with working with such entities. Moreover, miscommunication and other issues might result due to the lack of transparency and direct relationship between a client and the lawyer in the foreign jurisdiction. For instance, LawPro magazine advises lawyers to directly link their client to the foreign lawyer rather than act as the middleman in the scenario. This is not only beneficial to the client but it also prevents the responsibility of a lawyer for the deliverance of false information or missed deadlines and malpractice.

Let’s look at a good example stated in another article by LawPro. Imagine you are a lawyer in Canada and assigned a U.S case by one of your clients. Now, the settlement amount is initially set at $7 million dollars, yet the American lawyer you decided to hire misses the deadline and leaves you and your client with his errors and omission insurance of only $250,000! Since you initially didn’t inform your client of the specifics of the case and how it’s being taken care of abroad, you are left at fault and have to deal with an angry client.


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Is there a solution?

It’s difficult finding professional and responsible lawyers on the web. Luckily, platforms such as LegaMart™ have facilitated this entire process. A client is no longer obligated to pay expensive fees to international law firms for his or her case abroad. Luckily, with the employment of domestic lawyers across jurisdictions on LegaMart™, retainer fees and service charges are much more budget-friendly.  With a few simple clicks, a list of vetted and trusted lawyers will be made available based on one’s budget. With direct engagement and communication, there’s transparency and never misinformation.

On the other hand, a lawyer can simply do the same! A legal professional can directly hire a domestic lawyer on LegaMart™ in the needed jurisdiction. LegaMart™’s meticulous tendering procedure will ensure the right fit for the needed case without any additional headaches. In this light, all steps of the legal journey are transparent and made available, which prevents any mishaps like the mentioned example above.


What if I’m not ready to trust a lawyer abroad?

A common issue in working with lawyers across digital screens is trust. Thanks to LegaMart™ Community, space has been provided for the exchange of authentic legal information and networking between a vast and global community of lawyers. In this sense, as a client, you are able to freely pose questions or seek advice before connecting with that lawyer on the LegaMart™ platform and officially hiring him or her for the job.

The same rule applies to lawyers. With an endless stream of networking benefits, you have the leisure to connect with top-tier legal professionals in acquiring recommendations or advice about your client’s case in a jurisdiction other than your own.

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What’s the final answer?

It’s simple! If you’re looking for a lawyer in a foreign jurisdiction, definitely don’t seek a middleman in the process. Let’s summarize as to how this could hurt you as a client:

  • Higher costs
  • Lack of transparency
  • Possibility of misinformation and misstatement
  • Lack of knowledge on the person handling your case in the foreign jurisdiction


Thanks to legal-tech, there’s no longer the need to endlessly spend hours on the web looking for a proficient lawyer in a country other than your own. With platforms such as LegaMart™, the entire process of assessing a lawyer’s background and work history in addition to free consultations and hiring has been made possible with simple clicks. Who could want more?


And on the lawyer’s side of the table, there will always be a lack of transparency and the possibility of missed deadlines or the delivery of false information by an online lawyer you’ve found that hasn’t passed careful screening procedures like those on LegaMart™. Moreover, you might encounter a country that doesn’t speak English which results in its own set of problems. Obviously, you also don’t want to be giving your client advice about a foreign jurisdiction nor do you want to perform work abroad due to legal limitations and restrictions. The best solution is to network with professional lawyers on a professional community page such as LegaMart™ Community or by hiring a trusted and vetted LegaMart™ lawyer in your desired jurisdiction that can communicate without any language barriers.


With that said, finding a lawyer in a foreign jurisdiction couldn’t have been made any easier. Now, out with the old-school and costly international law firm, and in for the modern and transparent method of seeking lawyers in a foreign jurisdiction.

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