What legal areas do you cover?

We cover all areas of law.

What jurisdictions do you cover?

We cover 24 jurisdictions and counting, but if we don’t cover the area or service you need we will connect you to our partners  who do.

Will my information be confidential?

In Legamart community, you can post anonymously or with your name, but in Legamart Services all communications are fully confidential.

How can I trust your services?

Our lawyers are fully vetted, with at least 6 years of legal experience and linked to an established law firm.

How long does it take for a lawyer to reply?

Our turnaround rate is 24 hours at most.

How do I have to pay?

Payments are made online via a secure payment system including Paypal, you can rest assured your money is protected.

How much commission do you take?

This differs on a case by case basis and does not affect how much you pay.  Our prices are fully transparent with no hidden fees.

What is Legamart Community?

It’s an added social networking feature that allows users to communicate with lawyers, and lawyers to communicate with lawyers to get free advice.

Why is Legamart Community free?

We believe legal advice should be readily available for everyone, which is why we’ve built a community just for that. Legamart Community allows lawyers and users to ask questions and exchange legal knowledge- pro bono.

How much discount can I get for referral?

Upon referring us to a friend or relative, you will both receive a $30 discount off your next service.

I’m not sure which lawyer to choose, can you help?

Yes. You can call our paralegal team 9am-7pm on weekdays for full guidance.

I’d like to rehire my previous lawyer but I can’t find them, can you help?

Yes. Our customer service team can review your previous activity on-site and help put you back in touch with your previous lawyer if they still work with us.

How long is your cancellation policy?

You have 48 hours following the purchase of a service to cancel.

When will my money be returned after cancellation?

You can either choose to immediately have the paid sum refunded to your Legamart account, or wait between 7-14 days for it to be returned to your original payment method.

Are all cases come to LegaMart at first step? What are the steps for a lawyer to take a case?

When the client submits its legal request, the platform will show those lawyers who have the required characteristics to work on the case (based on the jurisdiction, practice area, years of experience and language). The client has the option to either choose one or more than lawyers, contact them and see which one fits his/her case the most. After that, both the client and the contacted lawyer(s) have a reasonable time to decide whether to continue on the case with each other or not.

Must the lawyer who applied to LegaMart give a payment for that?

Joining LegaMart is completely free for both the lawyer and the client.

I am a lawyer in Turkey Bar Association, my education is in Turkish Law (every fields in Turkish Law). However, I live in UAE/Abu Dhabi. So which country I will apply for?

You would be considered as a Turkish lawyer on our platform. This is because for completing your lawyer profile, we ask for your bar license. Therefore the jurisdiction where you are qualified as a lawyer is the one we consider.

End of cases, what is the payment proportion for lawyers and LegaMart?

For each case, LegaMart takes 18% commission and the rest of the payment would be for the Lawyer.

Can lawyers organize and prosecute cases with remote working?

(example: as online) Since the lawyer is in one jurisdiction and the client is in another jurisdiction, all the cases on LegaMart will be handled online.

As I saw the client can selects a lawyer in LegaMart according the case, do lawyers select the clients also?

(Do the clients also give an announcement for their cases?) For each advisory or advocacy case to be started there is a need for both the client’s and the lawyer’s consent.