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Difficulties of Finding a Lawyer Overseas: How to sue someone abroad

Do you need a competent attorney to represent you effectively in international litigation or in a court in another jurisdiction? Are you looking for a reliable lawyer to help you with establishing your business, obtaining a license in a foreign country? There can be many reasons why you need to find a foreign lawyer within your required budget. For instance, when you intend to immigrate to another country or even after moving abroad or you want to sue someone, you may face thousands of questions and concerns in relation to different categories of law.

Legal services are similar to products. Needless to say, all clients prefer to hire a skillful lawyer who fights zealously on their behalf and is able to strategize to mitigate their risks. Identifying a lawyer who is a good fit for you is tricky and crucial. Specially, since the lawyer is going to handle an important aspect of your life. With this in mind, finding and hiring a lawyer in another jurisdiction is even harder regardless of the type of legal service (case review or legal advisory). Here are some difficulties people may face during the aforesaid process. Keep these points in mind to make an informed decision.

How do I know if a lawyer is good? How can I trust?

Imagine you want to sue someone in another country and you are not aware of the legal system and the network of lawyers of that specific jurisdiction. You might ask yourself whether you can trust lawyers’ competence and reliability by googling their names or not.  It seems that blindly google searching would not work, as google cannot do background checks. Giving Power of Attorney to an overseas lawyer needs your trust. What is more, since you disclose many facts about your life, privacy and confidentiality are key elements. Check the rules of the foreign country in relation to the attorney-client confidentiality and then instruct someone you trust!

How can I communicate with the lawyer to sue someone?

Communication with the lawyer abroad is hard

First of all, consider language barriers and unfamiliar cultures. If someone sues you in another country like Spain. And you do not know Spanish, then the hard part of the story begins! Even worse, if the lawyer is not fluent in English, he or she cannot advise you in a way that you understand; you cannot address your questions and describe your needed services! Obviously, you can hire a translator. However, you should spend more money!

Furthermore, lawyers are usually busy with scheduling appointments with their current clients or their court proceedings. To put it simply, they are not easily accessible and available. When you live in country A and you want to sue someone in country B, you cannot easily connect with the lawyer in country B virtually and describe the facts of the case.

How much does a lawyer cost for sue someone?

Financial issues, billing schedules, and above all price transparency matter! Even when individuals are looking for a local reliable lawyer in their own countries, they will receive different rates. It is worse when we consider the scenario in which you need a foreign lawyer and you do not know the average rates. Since your options are limited, you would not receive competitive quotes. Also, some lawyers may expect to be paid in advance. Practically speaking, trust is important. How can you pay in advance when you do not know the lawyer at all? There will not be a refund policy. It is best to request an estimate of the total hours and costs at first and then find out the expected method of payment.

When you want to sue someone, consider the type of lawyer you want to hire

If you are in a situation where you want to sue someone abroad, identify the subject matter of the case. In the present time, expertise matters. There are various areas of law specializations like criminal law, business law, contract law and etc. Accordingly, it is advisable to find and instruct a lawyer who is an expert in the subject matter of your case. Moreover, identify whether you need a foreign legal consultant or a lawyer who is licensed to practice law in a specific jurisdiction.

What should be kept in mind during the selection of lawyers overseas?

How to sue someone abroad and find a lawyer?

Hiring the right person for your case increases the chance of a successful outcome and provides inputs on the best path to move forward with the most results and least losses. You may speak with a friend or family member who knows a lawyer for a similar situation, but word-of-mouth referrals cannot meet your needs precisely, because each case has its own facts and features.

One of the innovations in the legal-tech sector is referral platforms. These platforms can provide the opportunity to search the lawyers in different jurisdictions. even across the globe and in different practice areas. You can also have the free initial consultation through the internet with the lawyers before hiring them. Thus, you can make sure whether the lawyer can set your expectations appropriately or not.

In these platforms, you, as a client or lawyer, can explore numbers of legal service providers who are handling such type of legal issues. What is more, when you want to sue someone in another country, you can gain access to them. Trusted and vetted lawyers through these platforms and save your time. Choosing the right person gives you peace of mind!

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