legal process of a Startup

Managing the Legal Process of a Startup: Early Stages 4 Magic Tips

I am a student and thinking of coming up with an idea for a start-up with a couple of friends. However, I don’t fully understand the legal process of a startup. The idea is almost complete, but we still need a lot of information about the legal processes of opening up a company. What do we need to open up a company? What licenses and approvals are required? If yes, ...

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legal technology

Legal Technology Trends in 2022 that Shape Law Firms

Regardless the traditional way that law firms manage themselves, Imagine how legal technology can affect the way that law firms can be managed;Will they still hold the meetings in person, will they need to use in person meetings to consult them? How about the ways that contracts will be drafted? How can a lawyer present himself in the new era and be a successful lawyer in 2022? So THE million dollar ...

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Trends - Legal in Tech Law

What Are the Most Common Legal Issues?

With developing social media, we face fewer struggles for our possible problems, and one of the problems that people face during their lives, without doubt, is their legal issues. Nowadays, people usually seek trend topics in various ask-answer websites, such as Quora and StackExchange, and lawyers, legal consultants, or ones with the same experience will share their knowledge. On the other hand, what should lawyers know about people's legal queries on the ...

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