Licensing Agreement In Fashion Industry

Fashion is one of the trending aspects of our life these days; I'm the owner of a hairdressing salon and I have been thinking of extending my expertise in selling shampoos, fragrances, etc. But it is going to take decades to make my own brand popular. People have been telling me to license brands that sell shampoos and who already have a big name in the market because it’s easier than ...

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influencer - Influencer Agreement in Intellectual Property Law

Influencer Agreement: 5 Legal Aspects that should you avoid

Imagin a famous brand named ABC makes beauty products and wants to advertise its product via social media. Z is a social media influencer who has 15 million followers on Instagram. ABC approached Z to make content in the form of a video for ABC in which Z will promote the product of ABC through an Instagram post. A paid money to Z to travel to Hawaii and make a video ...

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Licensing - Licensing in Intellectual Property Law

Understanding Licensing Agreement

I intend to open up my business but I don’t think I have enough money and resources to do it. I have invented a mug that not only keeps your food from leaking but also has different segments. I want to create a plan to sell my product but I don’t know how to go about it. I lack expertise in this field. Also, I thought of raising money from investors ...

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