IPR in China

IPR in China: Everything You Must Know

The main reason to study IPR in China is that this country has long been regarded as the "world's factory," producing low-quality manufactured items and copying foreign products and business practices. China — or so the tale goes — is a country of knockoffs incapable of the invention and with little respect for intellectual property rights (IPR), whether owing to heavy-handed government involvement or some cultural dispute about Confucian educational ...

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Copyright Protection in the UK

Copyright Protection in the UK: Inclusions

In the UK, original works that are often artistic must be made by their original creator to come under automatic protection under the “Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988” (CDAPA 1988). Copyright protection in the UK includes; Literary worksMusicTheatre WorksArtProduction works such as sound recordings, films and broadcastsTypography such as fonts used on the Coca-Cola brand What is Protected by Copyright in the UK? When mentioning artwork, people could argue that it has ...

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Licensing Agreement For Artwork: Top Five Key Terms

A license agreement of artwork is a contract in which an artist grants permission to a client for using their work by granting them a license to promote an item or brand. The terms of the licensing agreement are unambiguous, as determined by the artist, making the requirements obvious as to how the licensee is authorized to use the work and the artist gets the reward for its usage. If you're interested to ...

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