Patent Claims

Patent Claims: Necessary Steps in Order to Draft a Patent

A patent is a copyright granted to inventions and it’s an exclusive right for a specific time frame given by the state to the patent owner in return for the disclosing of one‘s invention. A new product or system of invention that has an original creation which is also proficient in commercial uses can be patented. Claims are the segments of a patent which measure the extent of patent rights. Patent ...

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Copyright infringement

5 Tips For Copyright Infringement: Social Media Channels

“I had purchased a cosmetic product a few months back from a company on which I have written an article and given my reviews on the product and published the article on my personal blog. I have been posting articles that were wholly written by me. However, after some days of posting the article, the cosmetic product company reposted my article on their official Facebook page in order to advertise ...

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Patent Infringement

Best Tips For Patent Infringement: Types & Cases

I gathered a couple of disused iPhones from my friends, dismantled them, and sold the iPhone chips to a professor in the engineering department. A month later, the rumor spread around campus that the professor had assembled an iNotebook, which was a good thing. Until two gentlemen showed up at my doorstep on my eighteenth birthday, flashing their Apple IDs. A few hours ago, I was a child, but now ...

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