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patent cost in Turkey

Patent Cost in Turkey 2022

"I'm originally from the UK and want to file an international patent application for my new invention in Turkey. However, I'm unaware of the patent cost in Turkey and how I can obtain a patent there." What is a Patent and What Does it Protect? In general terms, a patent protects new inventions for a certain period. It provides the inventor the right to use or sell their invention in the commercial ...

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Copyright Infringement in UAE

An Introductory Text on Copyright Infringement in UAE

Copyright refers to the form of protection given to authors for their original works, especially works of art and literature, regardless of the manner of expression, purpose, or meaning of such works. Under the United Arab Emirates copyright law(herein referred to as copyright infringement in UAE), authors have the exclusive right to exploit their artwork, transfer all or part of their intellectual property rights over the work to a third party, ...

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