The Controversial Crescent Contract

The Crescent case has been a highly drawn-out and complicated dispute. The case is about a contract signed between the Iranian government and Crescent Petroleum in 2001 during the presidency of Mohamad Khatami. In this overview, we will briefly review what the dispute was about and what the end result was. If you are interested in international claims, read these articles below:The Nettleship v Weston Case What is the historical background of ...

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Oil refinery1 - OIL WAR in Energy and Environmental Law

SAUDI RUSSIA OIL WAR: END OF OPEC; The most successful cartel in the world?

Due to recent developments in the oil market, it is highly unlikely that we would see OPEC to survive for long. This is particularly due to the ongoing Russia-Saudi Oil War. It all started when Russia refused to make higher production cuts which would have led the oil prices to refrain from falling so low. Earlier on the prices had a huge blow due to the ongoing corona pandemic. In response ...

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Oil Prices: Corona or Politics?

Coronavirus is not just about health threats, it also might lead to oil price changes. It changes oil prices, and also disrupts the travel sector, supply chain, financial markets and to put it simply, the economic and business world. Day by day, Corona is becoming one of the major destabilizing forces in terms of the market. With that said, the Energy sector is on the verge of entering new territory. As ...

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