Oman - Oman in Corporate and Business Law

OMAN: A Perfect Way Access Your Business To An Untapped Market

For the traders doing business in the GCC region who need access to Europe and Africa, Oman recently has been an indisputable choice to go for. Access to Bab al-Mandab Strait, political stability, and steadily growing economy along with a high rank of GDP in the region, has made Oman a distinctive location in comparison with Dubai or Saudi Arabia to run your business. Oman’s three main free zones are ...

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England - UK in Corporate and Business Law

UK, Best Place to Expand Your Business

Ease of Process In a turbulent post-Brexit, post COVID economy, you might be having second thoughts about running a new business here. Although uncertainty isn’t an excellent environment for a new business, it doesn’t mean not getting to know how business is there. The United Kingdom is one of the most accessible places to set up and run a business and one of the cheapest. The British government is focused on improving ...

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female hands hold card paper with text joint venture white light background business finance concept 1 - Joint Venture in Corporate and Business Law

Joint Venture Agreements in Sultanate of Oman

The joint venture is one of the frequently used types of contracts and many international companies form a Joint venture to do business in Oman. A joint venture is an agreement in which under it two parties come together and operate a venture. The purpose of the joint venture, profit distribution, and terms of the contract are the key elements that should be included in a joint venture contract. Under ...

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