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How Can A Real Estate Lawyer Help With Adverse Possession?

Adverse possession is a legal belief that enables someone to gain ownership of a piece of land that is not legally theirs. Commonly known as squatter’s rights, it lets people possess the land they do not legally own. A real estate lawyer comes across the implementation of this rule very often. It is one of the most commonly encountered cases across the globe, including the United Kingdom. What Is Adverse Possession ...

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Nigerian Data Protection Regulation: Practical Guide for the Construction

On 25 January 2019, the National Information Technology Development Agency (the “NITDA”) issued the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation (the “NDPR”) to regulate organizations that collect and process personal data (“Data Controllers”). The NDPR requires Data Controllers to conduct a mandatory data protection audit of their organizations and file an audit report with the NITDA through a Data Protection Compliance Organization (“DPCO”) within six months from the issuance of the NDPR. ...

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Corona Majeure: A Careful Consideration

The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Not Merely Awful The coronavirus outbreak is not merely awful news to follow, but a reality to be fought. In the last century and after the sixth Cholera Pandemic (1910-1911) which caused a death poll of 800,000 people, this is the worst situation that involves many all around the world. The implications of this unpleasant situation have not yet studied enough. The first visible effect on the ...

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