LoC - Letter of Credit in Banking and Finance

Everything You Should Know About Letter of Credit

Introduction Most of the trade in the world is done internationally. In order to facilitate this, a business needs to have trade agreements with its partners and counterparts. Regarding this, suppose a simple situation (certainly not fictional); Ms. “A” (as an Iranian exporter) has a contract with Mr. “B” (an importer from UAE) for sending a shipment of goods. In this scenario, both parties do not know each other and as you ...

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Investment opportunities in Iran are on the rise

4 Foreign Investment Opportunities in Iran

The government of Iran tends to offer privileges to companies who create job opportunities and transfer technology and are active in exporting their products from Iran. Iran's competitive advantage in this regard is that it can be used as a launching pad for expansion into the other Persian Gulf States and Central Asia.

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one hundred dollars hanging clothesline with wooden clips blue background 96336 415 - money laundering in Banking and Finance

Dealing with Money Laundering during COVID-19

The pandemic has affected the lives of millions. While the migrants and poverty-stricken are finding ways to make ends meet, perpetrators are taking advantage of the situation. Cybercrimes and money laundering are on the rise due to COVID-19. On one end of the spectrum, money laundering issues might not be a priority in this plague. However, on the other end, some have been victims of the same. Money laundering investigation companies ...

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