employment law of Iran

Iran Employment Contract: Everything You Should Know

An employment contract can lead to a lot of disputes between the parties. This information is vital for both employees and employers. These agreements will safeguard your position; hence, here is a brief overview of the issues that need to be included in the contract.  The comprehensive Labour Law covers all labour relations and employment contracts in Iran, including hiring local and foreign staff. The Labor Law provides an extensive and ...

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How to invest in Iran illustration

How to Invest in Iran 2021 – Exciting Changes in Iranian Investment Framework

The Iranian government has launched some schemes for foreign investment attraction. How to invest in Iran using these new schemes would depend on the preferred route of action for any investor interested in taking advantage of this opportunity. According to Iran Business Law Handbook, “projects financed by foreign investors through Buy-Back arrangements, BOT,  BOOT schemes, or any project financing mechanisms are not subject to restrictions related to permissible foreign shareholdings”.  But ...

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