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International franchise

Understanding Taxation in International Franchise in 2022

Introduction Are you planning to set up an international franchise of your business?Do you want to leverage the international market for your business? If your answer to any of the above questions is a definite yes! then welcome to our ultimate guide to understanding taxation in the international franchise in 2022 where we provide in-depth explanation of the various models of the franchisee, documents you need to establish an international franchise, and ...

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Sanctions on Iran

Alarming Impact of EU Sanctions on Iran

Introduction  Relations between the West and Iran are always at needle points. The approach of western democracies and strong-headed Iran has always led to a discussion at global and organizational levels. Iran has a non-bowing attitude, while other nations believe that world order must be maintained at all costs.  In the present-day global village idea, no nation can survive on its own, and every state needs to run in coordination and rhythm ...

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