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Joint Venture Law in Iran

All foreign investments in Iran can obtain protection under FIPPA in relation to two types of investments: Foreign Direct Investment in those fields that private sector activity is authorized; §  Foreign Investment in all sectors within the schemes of “civil partnership,” “buy backs,” and “build, operate and transfer (BOT)” where the return of principal and profit arises solely through the activity of the same investment project and does not rely on ...

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Board Best Practices Managing the Relationship With Your Fellow Trustees - Board Practices in Business Law

Board Practices in Iran Turkey and Pakistan

Comparison the business environment, private sector development and the perceptions of company managers about the business environment, privatization process and corporate governance in Iran, Pakistan and Turkey is a very promising study.  The three countries under consideration have recognised, particularly over the past decade, that their economic policies based on the centrality of the state sector has reached its limitations and further economic development has to be based on the expansion ...

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Corporate Governance in MENA region

Corporate governance is not a new phenomenon in the transition economies of the Middle East. Corporate governance issues are especially important in these economies since these countries do not have the long-established (financial) institutional infrastructure to deal with corporate governance issues  Corporate Governance issues were not discussed before a series of emerging market crisis in 1997 (Sourial, 2004). All this has changed and corporate governance codes as a measure of dealing ...

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