Legal marketing plan

How to Create a legal Marketing Plan in 2022

Learning how to operate a business is a necessary component of owning your own law office. Lawyers frequently only learn the law in law school, not how to run a successful law company. You must become an expert in many distinct areas in order to run your own profitable law practice, including client intake, bookkeeping, office management, and marketing. Undoubtedly, one of the most crucial skills you should master when ...

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sanction violation

Civil and Criminal Penalties of Sanction Violation

Introduction Sanction is a punitive measure against violators of any order by the government. These punitive measures can be against government organizations or private entities. Sanctions can be economic, political, or diplomatic, depending upon the nature of the sanction violation.  In international relations, imposing and withdrawing sanction, violation is a common practice from time to time. Countries individually and collectively impose sanctions on other countries, organizations, and entities to impose punitive measures ...

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International divorce

International Divorce and Child Custody in UK and the US

Divorce is the process of separation and dissolving of a married relationship. Marriage can be certified by any institution, but divorce, on the other hand, can only be granted by the court after considering all aspects, due process of law, and parties' logical and social responsibilities. Parties have to make an amicable decision regarding sharing liabilities, responsibilities, and duties towards each other or a third person benefiting from this relationship. The ...

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