- New York Convention in Dispute Resolution

Direct Resistant Grounds of Foreign Arbitral Awards Under the New York Convention

Restricted Grounds Article v(2) of New York Convention has mentioned public policy and arbitrability as two restricted grounds which the competent court can refuse enforcement by its motion. The most broadened view to the public policy which includes both of substantive and procedural mandatory rules was taken by the Dutch supreme court while the distinction between a national and international public policy was dismissed and the court applied its discretion in ...

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sanctions text crossword red letters 76255 47 - Sanctions in Banking and Finance

Sanctions: What It Really Means

The term sanctions have been heard by many across the globe especially in news these days, yet what does it really mean and how are they imposed? As defined in Oxford Bibliographies, Sanctions are “deliberate, government-inspired withdrawal or threat of withdrawal of customary trade or financial relations.” Economically related sanctions include different forms of financial transaction restrictions, tariffs, and trade barriers. The imposition of economic sanctions has various political, diplomatic, and ...

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