Detailed Guide to Business Immigration from Turkey to Canada

A picture showing the Canadian flag and an airplane signing business immigration from Turkey to Canada

Introduction With an ever-expanding economy, Canada offers entrepreneurs or skilled workers the opportunities to start new businesses and fill critical roles. Turkey is a prime source country for new Canadian immigrants because of its population’s median age of 31.5 years and the high percentage of educated citizens. To attract top talent worldwide, the Canadian government […]

Asset Purchase Agreement in Turkey: Remarkable Tips

Asset Purchase Agreement Definition I own a company which sells tires, and I have wanted to sell my company’s stocks to a third party. I live in Turkey and don’t possess the knowledge of rules and regulations that are required to be taken in order to transfer or sell them. Is it possible to do […]

Top 4 Remarkable Tax Tips UK and Poland

Regardless of having problems with tax tips UK and Poland,  I have plans to quit my job and open up a business. I am a 32-year-old man working as a corporator. .I don’t know how to go through the process of beginning my own business, especially in the tax field. It seems very complex and […]

Sanction Limitation & Exclusion Clause Countries 2022


Sanctions are a powerful instrument employed by countries all over the world to achieve foreign policy objectives or punish violators of international law. Sanctions regimes impose economic sanctions on a variety of foreign targets, ranging from countries and political regimes to organizations and people. Governments may aim to apply economic limitations not just to individuals inside […]