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Islamic Finance Across the Globe

According to the World Bank, Islamic finance is estimated at about $2 Trillion and is growing 10-12% annually! Keep in mind that Islamic banking and finance is not reserved for Muslim countries, as nations such as the  Hong Kong, South Africa, United Kingdom, and Luxembourg are also showing interest and applying it towards their system. According to the World Bank, “Islamic finance is equity-based, asset-backed, ethical, sustainable, environmentally- and socially-responsible ...

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Humanitarian Aid: Iranian-Americans & COVID-19

An outroar of humanitarian aid  and a massive depredation of market supplies have contributed to two sides of the same coin, that being COVID-19. Let’s consider the positive light of this virus, which resulted in thousands (if not millions) joining hands to collect emergency supplies for those in need.  Yet, the striking question for those in the United States boiled down to sanctions. How does one provide humanitarian aid despite OFAC ...

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Constitution Defined: Indian Minorities Require Premise

The constitution is one of the most important documents in any legal setting and legislation. A nation’s constitution is reviewed and interpreted any time a person is taken to court or in an occurrence of litigation. In a sense, the constitution defines the framework of what can and can’t be used in favor and in opposition of a plaintiff. One aspect that's carefully considered in a constitutional document is regarding minority rights. Let’s ...

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