About Us

At Legamart, we believe in making legal knowledge available to everyone, everywhere.

Legamarts values are focused around: 

Fairness: Our pricing is fair and transparent, with no hidden costs or charges. We provide users with the freedom to maneuver and select their required services, budget and delivery time based on their requirements.

Personalization: We allow our users to select between lawyers of different experience levels offering services at alternative prices. We facilitate a personalized search process by allowing clients to chat to or speak with our paralegal services team to find the best lawyer for their case.

Accessibility:  Our services are truly international, with a close circle of lawyers across the globe. Our users are able to hire lawyers with expertise in various jurisdictions without having to worry about paying international legal fees or even having to leave their doorstep.

Trust: Our legal professionals are carefully vetted and screened before joining. This ensures that a high quality of services is delivered. In case customers are not fully satisfied, Legamart offers a 48 cancellation period, a money-back guarantee upon non-delivery, and a 24 hour customer help team to support users with any issues. 

Transparency: Our lawyers abide by a strict ethical code, and conversations are privately monitored to ensure that regulations are being followed. There is never any miscommunication or misinformation on the Legamart platform.

Immediacy: Access time to a lawyer is only a few minutes due to our close personal network as well as our mobile and web applications.

Our network of lawyers embody our values of trust, teamwork and efficiency.